Comments on the value of our services:

"Kathi captured our [company's] story to the eminent satisfaction of all......She handled a uniquely challenging responsibility in a manner that produced for us a superb result. I consider ‘Critical Connection' one of the best business books of the hundreds and more that I have read. She has created for us a legacy."

Robert W. Galvin
Retired Chairman
Motorola Inc.

"In early 1996 I decided to commission a book about Marriott. I was thrilled to find Kathi, and delighted by how quickly she was able to grasp the intricacies of the long and involved history of our company. Her key strength was her ability to help me condense more than 40 years of memories and experience into a dozen easy-to-read chapters. That's a real skill. Without it, ‘The Spirit to Serve: Marriott's Way' might never have existed. She's a true professional."

J. W. Marriott, Jr.
Marriott International, Inc.

"In 1993, I engaged Kathi to research and write a history of the cellular telephone industry on its 10th anniversary. She quickly became an expert on the topic, and then walked a fine line in writing a book that needed to be accessible and interesting to a wide audience, while not losing the knowledgeable insiders. She succeeded admirably."

Ron Nessen
Former VP for Public Affairs and Communications

"We were about to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our firm's founding and wanted to know more about the depth of financial experience in our history. Since much of our corporate archive had been lost over the years, Kathi pored through public records and found creative ways to uncover the fascinating stories surrounding our firm's founding. The result was an in-depth understanding of Van Kampen's roots and a corporate archive that will preserve this wealth of information for the future."

B.J. Marshall
Brand Manager
Van Kampen Investments

"It was my great pleasure to work with Kathi on her wonderful book on the pioneers and leaders of the U.S. cable television industry. She was exhaustive in her research, sensitive to the diverse personalities of her subjects, and honest and gifted with her journalism--Kathi's extraordinary book will add greatly to the history of the media industry. She was and is spectacular, and a delight to work with."

Leo Hindery, Jr.
Chairman and CEO,
The YES Network
(Previously CEO of AT&T Broadband and its predecessor, Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI)

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