Do You Need. . .

. . .a little expert help in documenting your organization’s history?

. . .a book that captures and conveys the hands-on experience of your long-term leaders?

. . .an experienced interviewer to record your company’s war stories and hard-won wisdom?

. . .a compelling historical exhibit to greet visitors to your headquarters?

. . .ideas for making your upcoming anniversary both memorable and meaningful?

Corporate Histories

Whether you need a brief corporate history for internal use, a full-fledged book for trade distribution, or something in between, Milestones can find the right words and images to capture and convey your company’s story to the world. We also provide support and advice to existing book projects in need of additional or outside help.

Executive Memoirs

Does your founder, CEO, or other leader have a compelling personal story or winning management philosophy to share with the world? People love to learn someone else’s secret of success—in the hope of making it their own. Milestones can write, co-author, or ghostwrite your book or article, as needed or desired…..If you’re unsure about where to begin, start by reading one Fortune 500 CEO’s hands-on experience writing a book of business wisdom: an interview with Bill Marriott of Marriott International.

Historical Research

Are you looking for efficient, expert assistance in locating critical materials in the historical records of key federal agencies? Or perhaps you need to find pictures, documents, old advertisements, books, or other memorabilia related to your organization’s past? Maybe you need to discover more about your 19th century founder, your company’s role during World War II, or your earliest rivals. From the Library of Congress and National Archives, to the smallest local historical society, Milestones can fill in the gaps.

Historical Exhibits

Every year, millions of museum-goers flock to historical exhibits to be educated, enlightened and entertained. Tap into that craving with three-dimensional and on-line exhibits designed to tell your organization’s story to employees, customers and the world.

Oral History Programs

Official documents tell only part of any organization’s story. An oral history program helps current and future generations benefit from the hard-earned, hands-on wisdom of the people who built your business, industry, or association. Since 1987, Milestones has conducted taped interviews with more than 300 subjects, including Fortune 100 executives, media celebrities, policymakers, high-level entrepreneurs and long-time support staff.

Anniversary Master Planning

Is a big anniversary just around the corner for your organization? Major milestones provide the perfect opportunity to blend past, present and future into a meaningful celebration destined to last long after the party is over. Our anniversary master planning service offers as much or as little help as you need to create and implement a thoughtful blueprint for events, publications, outreach and memorabilia.

Heritage Programs

Every institution has a history, but not every one has a heritage. Preserve it, promote it, profit from it….with a cost-effective program tailored to fit your organization. Whether you need a small archive, an oral history program, a corporate history brochure, or an on-line historical exhibit, Milestones will work with you to document your past and leverage its lessons for the future.

Editorial Services & Writing

Do you have a manuscript that might benefit from a fresh eye’s glance or an outsider’s touch? We handle projects small and large, from ad copy and annual reports to speeches, video scripts and books. Our specialty is transforming ‘techspeak’ and corporate jargon into easy-to-grasp, reader-friendly prose.